Looking for inspiration…

I can’t believe it, I’m running out of things to crochet, or at least I don’t have any projects planned. I spent a little time online last night looking for patterns or inspiration, and nothing really came to me. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know 🙂

I did however sit down today and make this little guy however:


He now joins the owl from my last post and a few other little bits and pieces I am yet to find a use/home for (other than something else for Miss P to put in her mouth and chew on). Still he’s a little bit adorable I think 😀

B xx


2 thoughts on “Looking for inspiration…

    1. Providing the madam gives me a little time and takes a nap, I can just about get little things like this done. I think given the chance Tilly would love it to join her already far to large pile of cat toys! x

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