Teething, bath time and Ponies

For the last week Miss P has been an absolute nightmare taking up every spare minute of my day (and most of the night too). I put it down to her just being a little grumpy, we all have bad days, however we were in the bath the other day and while doing her best impression of a lion and roaring at me in decided to peer into her mouth and noticed not one but TWO teeth had cut through the gum. Suddenly all her misery and clingy moments plus lack of sleep made sense.

Despite this however I did manage to find an hour or so in the evenings once she was finally asleep (hopefully for the night – fingers crossed) to sit down and do some crocheting, therefore while waiting for the necessary materials to finish the dragon from my previous post I made a start on a My Little Pony inspired project.

She has no name as I am not quite familiar enough with the My Little Ponies any more and have no idea which one she resembles most but here is my pony (feel free to suggest names)…

20130520-092945 PM.jpg

20130520-092957 PM.jpg

20130520-093003 PM.jpg

B xx


6 thoughts on “Teething, bath time and Ponies

      1. I remember the theme tune from when I was young but as Miss P is too little for them that’s about the limit of my knowledge 🙂 xx

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