Birthday #2

So birthday number two has now passed and once again I got creative with my porcelain paint and pens.

I spent ages looking for some plain white mugs with colour on the inside and could not for the life of me manage it unless I wanted to pay well over £10 per mug!!! I had all but given up when by accident I spotted some in my local Cargo store. They were perfect and only £2!For this birthday I picked one with a lime green colour inside and then got to work on my design on the outside. The finished result was pretty good I think…

Grandad Mug

The text reads ‘Older, Wiser, More Brillianter. Happy Birthday Grandad. On the back in the same yellowish colour was a personalised message from Miss P (or more precisely me as she cant talk yet hehe)This was going to be from my daughter to her Grandad for his birthday, and was well received.

Birthday 3 is next…..

B xx


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