Back to Basics

I’ve decided that I am going to go back to basics for a while and will do some tutorials and tips on the simple things that more advanced crocheter’s take for granted.

I’m going to start with the magic circle as this was a nightmare for me. The amount of patterns I had to avoid when starting out because it called for the use of a magic circle is crazy.

As most of us know the magic circle is an alternative way to start off a piece of work, so instead of chaining a set number of stitches and then joining them to make a loop you would use the magic circle. It’s used most commonly when you need your work to be completely closed at the beginning and not have the small circle gap that chaining would cause.

So lets get started:

Step1: Take your yarn and cross the end attached to the ball over the top of the cut end image(11)

Step 2: Fold the end attached to the ball behind the loop you just made, to make what looks like a pretzel                                               image(12)

Step 3: Insert hook under the loop as shown in the pictureimage(13)

Step 4: Pull the loop the hook is under towards you, while ensuring you hold the yarn between your fingers as shown in the picture image(14)

Step 5: By holding the loop and loose yarn end between your thumb and middle finger and the long end over your forefinger pull the yarn to slightly tighten it around the hook. Just like you would if doing a chain stitch. Then ch1.  image(15)

Step 6: This is the magic circle done. You will now do all stitches for the first round into this circle. In my example I have done 8 single crochets into it.image(16)

Step 7: To tighten the ring grab the loose end and pull tightimage(17)

Step 8: You will now have a nice tight circle from which you can work any remaining round, and the best bit… NO GAP!                        image(18)

I hope I have explained this clear enough however there are some fantastic YouTube videos out there if you are still struggling and need to physically see it being done.

B xx


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