Back to basics – pt2

Today’s back to basics lesson is the humble granny square. There are so many fantastic granny square patterns but I am just going to do a tutorial on the most simple one, and the one that I first learnt to crochet with.

I used double knitting yarn and a 5mm hook but granny squares are so versatile that they will work with nearly all combinations of yarn and hook.

You will be working in joined rounds which means we will be doing a slip stitch at the end of each round to join them. I am making a few assumptions, the first being that you know the individual stitches such as double crochets and also that you can finish off and weave in your ends, apologies if this is not the case.


ch = chain                      dc = double crochet                            ss = slip stitch

Firstly tie your yarn onto your hook

Granny 1Granny 2  Granny 3 Granny 4

Round 1: Ch4,                                                       Granny 5                                                              then ss into the first stitch to form a ring (you may need to pull down on it as shown below to see the loop).                                                      Granny 6                                                                   ch3,                                                                 Granny 7                                                                  then work 2dc into the ring, ch1.                                                                                          3dc into the ring, ch1.                                   Granny 8                                                         Repeat 3 times. You should now have 4 clusters of 3dc’s.                                                   ss into the top of the ch3                                   Granny 9

Round 2: ch4,                                             Granny 10                                                              then dc into the corner space created by doing a ch1 in the previous round. Granny 11                                                            work 2dc into the same space, ch2, 3dc into the same corner space, ch1.Granny 12                                                                       In the next corner space work the following, *3dc, ch2, 3dc. Then ch1. Repeat from * in next space.                                                                                                                          Into the last space work 3dc, ch2, 2dc, then ss in the 3 stitch from the ch4 we did at the beginning of the round.                                     Granny 13

Round 3: ch3, then 2dc in to the gap made by chaining 1 in the previous round. ch1. Granny 14                                                              *3dc, ch2, 3dc into the corner space, ch1, then 3dc in the middle space, ch1. Repeat from * twice more.                                                                                                                             Into the last corner work 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch1. Then ss into the top of the initial ch3. Granny 15

Round 4: ch4, work 3dc into the next space, ch1.                                                                   *3dc, ch2, 3dc into the corner space, ch1, 3dc into the next space, ch1. 3dc into the second space, ch1.                                        Granny 16                                                            Repeat from * twice more.                                                                                                      In the last corner work 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch1. In the final space work 2dc and then ss into the 3rd chain of the initial ch4.                                  Granny 17

If you wish to continue past 4 rounds then just remember that each middle space is 3dc then a ch1 and each corner space is 3dc, ch2, 3dc and a ch1. There should always be a ch1 between every middle and corner gap.

If you wish to change colours then please follow the below instructions:

Once you have finished a round, cut the yarn and pull through with the hook.Granny 18

I like to hide my ends so I then make sure I lay the yarn flat against the edge of my work so that I can trap it down.                                           Granny 19

Tie onto your hook the new colour.                        Granny 20

Insert your hook in the gap where the first colour finished and yarn over with the new colour, then while keeping both loose ends down as shown. Granny 21

ch1 pulling through both loops on the hook.Granny 22                                                               ch2 more. As you can see both ends are trapped underneath the first ch. Granny 23

Continue as before, so in my example I would work 2dc into the same gap and then ch1. continue with the round.                                         Granny 24

When done cut and finish off your ends.

B xx


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