Crazy about Crane’s

I have decided to go slightly off the crochet line and talk about something else crafty… Origami!
I love making little origami pieces and used to do it all the time.

One of the most popular origami patterns is the crane.
In Japan cranes are considered to be mystical or holy creatures that live for 1000 years, which is why people make 1000 origami cranes, 1 for each year of life.
Japanese legend says that if you fold 1000 cranes then you will be granted a wish by a crane. However all cranes must be folded by one person and cannot be given away. Some versions of the legend also dictate that you must fold them all in one year!

20130712-031411 PM.jpg

So I am going to show you how to make one…

1. Start with a square piece of paper, colour side up
20130712-031215 PM.jpg
2. Fold diagonally the top corner down to the bottom corner
20130712-031453 PM.jpg
3. Repeat on the other corner and you should have 2 creases
20130712-031541 PM.jpg
4. Flip the paper over so it’s coloured side down and then fold in half
20130712-031621 PM.jpg
5. Repeat on the other edge so you have two more creases
20130712-031707 PM.jpg
6. With the paper laying diagonal collapse the horizontal creases inwards and push the vertical ones out
20130712-031809 PM.jpg20130712-031820 PM.jpg
This should create a diamond shape when folded flat
20130712-031854 PM.jpg
7. Fold the corner of the top layer into the centre
20130712-031944 PM.jpg
Repeat on the other flap
20130712-032010 PM.jpg
8. Fold the top down
20130712-032044 PM.jpg
And the unfold all flaps you folded in this step and step 7
20130712-032123 PM.jpg
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 on the other side
10. Insert finger under the top flap and push up
20130712-032230 PM.jpg20130712-032240 PM.jpg
11. Repeat step 10 on the reverse side
20130712-032336 PM.jpg
12. Fold corner into the centre as shown
20130712-032416 PM.jpg
Repeat on the other corner
20130712-032451 PM.jpg
13. Repeat on the reverse side
20130712-032536 PM.jpg
14. Fold the ‘legs’ up as shown in the picture
20130712-032612 PM.jpg
15. Fold back down to create creases
20130712-032701 PM.jpg
16. Reverse fold the ‘leg’ inside itself as shown (you fold it up and inside the flap whilst flattening it)
20130712-032810 PM.jpg20130712-032824 PM.jpg
17. Repeat on the other ‘leg’
20130712-032855 PM.jpg
18. On the left ‘leg’ reverse fold the tip to create the head
20130712-032936 PM.jpg
19. Fold the wings down
20130712-033005 PM.jpg20130712-033013 PM.jpg
20. You’re finished!
20130712-033038 PM.jpg

Make them in any colours or paper you like…

20130712-033116 PM.jpg

The Japanese tend to string them all together on some thread.

Happy folding 🙂

B xx


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