The Mad Hatter

I know, I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger and disappeared of the face of the web. Sorry!
What with the little lady being poorly as per my previous posts and the heat wave that has hit the UK I just haven’t had the time or energy to do any crocheting and blogging… Sad but true. (Us Brits fall apart when there is any slight extremes in the weather).
Thankfully today it cooled down slightly making for a much happier baby and me.

Anyway I’ve been putting my new crochet skills to use and made another little item for Miss P. When she was born we were given a voucher for a photo session 3 times over an 18month period and coming up will be her second sitting so when I saw the pattern for this adorable mat hatter style headband I had to make it as a prop to use during the shoot.
Miss P has kindly modelled it for me…

20130721-064918 PM.jpg

I will add the link to the tutorial on my patterns page, it’s surprisingly easy to do and took me 1 day to do (that’s with interruptions).
The best bit is it shows you how to make it with either the bow or a flower!

I cannot wait till the photoshoot for madam to wear it now 🙂

B xx


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