An Addiction

Hello, My name is Brioney and I have an addiction…. Pinterest!

I love it at the moment and spend far too long on there pinning all sorts but most of all I find it a great source of inspiration for crochet projects.

If you don’t use it… why? and if you have never heard of it… where have you been living?

Pinterest is a photo sharing website that just does soooo much more. It allows you to post pictures up and share them with your followers or everyone using pinterest or view photos others have uploaded and ‘re-pin’ them (we will come to this later), but the best bit is you can add web links to the pictures meaning if you see something you like the look of you can click the picture and it will take you to the site it came from. In the case of crochet this means you might be taken to a free pattern!

Pinterest also allows you to create boards and ‘pin’ to them, for example I have a crochet board and a places I want to visit board. Both pretty self-explanatory, and every time I see something I like the look of on the site, I just re-pin it to one of my boards. The site also allows you to add a short-cut to your favourites bar that you can click any time you see something on a website elsewhere that will pin it to a board on Pinterest (even if the you don’t have the site open). Pretty amazing I think.

In honour of my current love I am going to share with you my top 10 crochet finds from Pinterest.

1. Sailor Elephants                                                                  Elephants

2. Angry Birds Pig                                                 Pig

3. Robot                                                             Rbot

4. Minion                                                         Minion

5. Baby Booties                                                     Booties

6. Chunky Basket                                                  Basket

7. Seahorse                                                                      Seahorse

8. Bag                                                                                          Bag

9. Mini Mittens                                                                                  Mini Mittens

10. Panda                                                                           Panda

I hope you all see something that inspires you too pick up your hooks, I know that I am going to make all of these at some point! If you do see something just click the picture and it will take you directly to the FREE pattern. But I really really really do urge you all to hop onto Pinterest and take a look at some point 😀

B xx


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