A make over

I decided this week that my home was lacking in a few personal touches of the home-made crocheted variety. I’m pretty sure my other half would completely disagree with me 🙂 but I ploughed ahead regardless and started work on some bunting for my kitchen window.

The window in the kitchen doesn’t have a blind or curtain and looks out directly onto the back garden so it was the ideal place for a make over.

I settled on two colours of red and a grey for the triangles and then one of the reds for the ‘string’. Firstly I made all the triangles (alternating bright red, grey, dark red, grey and repeat) then I made the string by doing a chain of 15 then chaining the along the edge of the first triangle. I repeated this process for all triangles with ch5 in between each and ending with another chain of 15. I then added beads to some of the triangles and voila all done.


But wait I’m not done there, I had another idea to make a little hanging ornament to go with the bunting.

I already knew I wanted to make a stuffed heart for it, but then I thought I could add an ornament at the bottom like what you might find on a Christmas tree (it didn’t go quite to plan and looks a little squishy but I think that’s because I rushed a bit, so if you make it do take your time to ensure it looks all pretty). it wasn’t until I had made these two that I finally decided on adding a flat circle in the middle with an embroidered heart. I joined them all with a series of chains, so I chained 6 then slip stitched into the first to make a hanging loop, then I carried on chaining for about 10 and attached to the middle ‘dip’ of the heart, tied off and weaved in the end. I tied onto the bottom of the heart, chained again then tied onto the top of the circle. I repeated this for the ornament and then I was all done.

Hanging ornament

Next I sent the other half to do his manly duties and pop a couple of tacks into the wall at the window for me and I set to hanging them both up.

Here is our kitchen window before…


and now after…


The patterns for all the items made will be on my patterns page for you. Apologies if anything is a little off, they are all written by me and I’m great at missing steps :-O

B xx


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