Becoming a teacher

My little sister has asked me a few times to teach her crochet since I started doing it so I’ve been trying to do so.
She’s already had a go at a granny square and we also made a small star fish but our most recent lesson was a headband as it was very repetitive and simple so something I could send her home with to carry on.
She is only 10 so I’ve have to make sure I teach her in a child friendly way that keeps it simple and fun, and I hope I’ve done so for her, I’m choosing to take the fact she still asks to learn as a yes 🙂

Here is the finished product…

20130731-090524 PM.jpg

20130731-090534 PM.jpg
I made the flower and then sewed on the button to attach it but the rest was all my sister.
I think she did brilliantly for her first project without me there for her to ask every few minutes!

I love that she is learning at such a young age and I really hope she keeps it up as its a great skill to have.
I would have loved someone to be able to teach me in person as I found it very difficult in the beginning and I has so many questions as I was going.

B xx


2 thoughts on “Becoming a teacher

  1. Awesome that she wants to learn! I learnt when I was 8 and found it really fun to be able to make presents for people! (Pretty sure I made granny square potstands and coasters for everyone I knew lol) Her headband looks great!

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