Pom Pom Tutorial

I’m going to show you how to make pom pom’s like those featured in my previous post here.                                                                                     Yello Pom pom


Firstly you need two cardboard rings, the thicker the better. The larger your rings the larger the pom pom’s will be so bear that in mind when cutting them out. I’ve put a pen next to mine so you can see how big the rings I used were.rings 

Next you need to wrap your yarn around the ring until it is completely covered with a thick layer of yarn.                                                        covered ring

Now using sharp scissors cut the outer edge of the yarn. The best way to do this is insert your scissors in between the two rings of cardboard and then cut around the entire outer edge. Careful not to let any of the pieces of yarn get away… it can be fiddly if not working on a solid surface.

Once you have cut all the outer pieces take another bit of yarn and wrap it around the middle of all the yarn by again going in between the two cardboard rings, then tie it VERY tightly. This should make a little ball (or large ball if that’s what you have gone for) and you can pop off the two cardboard rings which are now completely visible.messy ball

If necessary tie another knot to make sure your pom pom is very secure and then cut the ends of the yarn you have used to tie it together with.

Now your pom pom will probably look a little messy so go around the whole ball and trim any messy ends until you are happy with it. (Note: I left my yarn that I wrapped around the centre long, as I wanted to use this to tie it onto the present) finished pom pom

Another method that I have seen is to wrap your yarn around the outer prongs of a fork instead and then thread a piece of yarn between the middle prongs to tie around the centre of the yarn ball. You would then slide it off the fork and cut the edges. I found this really fiddly and missed a lot of the loops when cutting, plus I didn’t feel I was able to tie the yarn that I wrapped around the middle very tightly so I had some bits of yarn escape on me. You however might do a better job so try them both out and see what works for you. You will still need to trim the edges to neaten the pom pom up.

B xx


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