Pinwheel Tutorial

In this previous post I featured a pinwheel on one of the presents I wrapped Pinwheel gift

I am going to show you how to make one.

You will need:                                                                                                                            * Some patterned paper or card                                                                                       *Plain paper                                                                                                                           *Scissors                                                                                                                                *Glue or sellotape                                                                                                                      *A pen                                                                                 supplies

1. First you need to take your coloured paper or card and cut a long strip from it. The thickness and length of the card will determine how big your pin wheel is. Your strip will need to be a lot longer than it is thick to make sure it will form a complete circle.strip of paper

2. Next fold your strip back and forth as if you were making a paper fan. I did the folds about 1 inch thick. (If your strip isn’t long enough once folded just make another the same thickness and join the ends together).                                                 folds folds 2 folded strip

3. You now need to join the two ends together to make a circle. Use your glue or sellotape to secure them flat together.                                pinwheel

4. Put the pin wheel to one side for now and take your plain white paper, draw a circle onto it and cut it out.                                                    circlecircle cut

5. In the centre of the circle, write the recipients name or message if this is for a present, or you could do a design instead.                              circle written

6. Using your glue or sellotape again, attach the paper circle to the front of the pinwheel in the middle. If your pin wheel is a made with card it might keep pinging out in the centre like a little tepee tent so if the back is not going to be seen I recommend using some tape across the back to secure it flat.                                                  completed pinwheel

Note: My pinwheel was quite large and I found the centre did not join together as neatly as I wanted when I had finished step 3, therefore I threaded some yarn through each fold in the centre and pulled it closed then tied the yarn, cut the ends and hid them in a crease.

You can decorate these pinwheels however you want, try using different colours of card and paper and you can even hole punch the outer folds of the pinwheel or add embellishments to add more interest to it.

B xx


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