Handmade presents

I am going handmade and crochet crazy this year and I have so many gift ideas all planned out (I love an excel spreadsheet!).

As scary as it is christmas is coming up but I also have another big wave of birthdays… Somehow fate would have it that my two younger sisters who are 3 years apart in age and also my little girl were all born on the exact same day in November! What are the odds. So anyway that’s 3 birthdays, plus my Mum’s makes 4 and then all those Christmas presents. It gets expensive.

And so like I said I’ve decided to go handmade for a lot of things. I cannot reveal too much yet for obvious reasons but Pinterest has been my biggest friend in offering inspiration. Planning well in advance also means I am able to hunt out bargain prices for all the bits and pieces I need and don’t already have.
If I was to buy these gifts ready made it would cost at least double the price compared to making them.

I will of course post them up as and when they have been gifted or in advance if possible.

Are any of you planning on handmade gifts for friends and family?

B xx


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