Fixing the boots

I’ve finally got back to crocheting and crocheting something that’s not a gift!

I was brought some Ugg boots a while ago that had a zip down the outside which was great as it made getting them on so much easier. The downside however is that it broke and needs repairing.
The reason the zip broke is because the teeth of the zip go bent out of shape due to the top of the boot being folded down to show the fluffy inside. This means once the zip is repaired I cannot fold the top down anymore otherwise the zip will break again.

This got me to thinking and I decided to crochet a fluffy boot cuff to pop over the top to create the same sort of look.

Off wool shopping I went and I settled on some beautiful alpaca wool

20130819-061326 PM.jpg
I ordered this online which was my mistake as I’ve never used alpaca wool before. If you haven’t either let me explain. It is very very thin and has these little loops along which make it super difficult to see your stitches as you go. Lastly it’s quite delicate so no tight crocheting or tight knots unless you want to break it.
On the plus side though its very soft and such a pretty wool when crocheted up. Ideal for a fluffy boot cuff.

I started by chaining 80 and then worked back and forth doing 80 triple crochets per row until I had a long rectangle the height I liked the look of.
I then slip stitches the edges together and my cuff was complete…

20130819-062738 PM.jpg

It sounds easier than it was as this surprising took a while as I needed to count every stitch to make sure I didn’t miss any as they were so difficult to see and the last thing I wanted was a misshapen rectangle.

All that was left was to pop it onto the boot.
Here is the Ugg boot before:

20130819-062915 PM.jpg

And here it is after:

20130819-062943 PM.jpg

What do you think?
All I need to do now is make the second one ready for when the lovely shoe repair man fixes my zip!

B xx


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