Not enough hours in the day

I STILL haven’t had any time to crochet lately and it’s making me a little sad. Plus it doesn’t provide me with much material for the blog!

I have 3 job interviews this week coupled with a baby girl that has 6, yes 6 teeth coming through which is demanding a lot of my time. I just don’t know where the hours are going?!

I have however managed to find 5 minutes to dedicate to my previously mentioned Pinterest addiction (usually this is when in bed and unable to shut my brain off so I have a cheeky look on my phone), anyway back on topic, while perusing Pinterest I came across this awesome looking geometric rug

20130828-091417 PM.jpg
Personally I love the colours too but the style is brilliant and would look great in a kids room, or any room for that matter, I’d happily have this in my living room but just not in pink. Sadly this time the picture did not link to a website or a pattern so you just have an image for inspiration.

I also came across this adorable kids hat

20130828-091651 PM.jpg
This one did have a link and its an Etsy buy. Now I don’t normally like to post items or patterns that coat money as I like to think I’m too cheap more thrifty than that, but this just looked toooo cute and I think it would be reasonably simple to replicate yourself if you had a simple snood pattern and then just add the ears.

Anyways enough of me going on about my Pinterest finds again. Hopefully next time I will actually have made something myself. I’m thinking of some fingerless mitts ready for winter. Brrr

B xx


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