An off topic post

This post is wildly off topic I’m afraid but I really really wanted to share it with all you lovely readers.

I have been trialling some new products to the market at the moment, one of which is Ariel’s new 3in1 POD’s. It is the first laundry Pod to hold its cleaning agents in 3 separate compartments, one for a deep down clean, another to lifts off stains and the last section to brightens garments! I’ve been using them for about a month now and with a 10 month old baby that is a lot of washing.

Ariel box POD

The first thing I noticed after using these little beauties was the smell of my laundry, it was lovely! It smelt just as nice as a load would after putting in fabric softener. The second thing to catch my attention was obviously the results, gone were all those dreaded orange baby food stains on the majority of my daughters clothes. So it was obviously time to really test the cleaning power of these PODs…..

TEST 1 –

I wrestled my boyfriends hat out of his hands as it was filthy.
He wears it to work every day in a dirty warehouse and therefore it gets pretty grubby.
In the washing machine it went along with one Ariel 3in1 pod. I set the washing machine to a cool 30degree wash on a 15minute program (I really wanted to test the power of this little pod).
15 minutes later and we both eagerly checked out the results…they were pretty impressive, but I was sure we could do better, so in for another wash at 30degrees for 15minutes and an Ariel pod. This time we were amazed. The hat looked completely different. Gone was the THICK layer of grim, the yellow discolouration and the faded black colour, and instead was bright white stitching, clean material and a lovely black hat.
The boyfriend was amazed and even said (much to my disgust) that the hat felt lighter on his head!!.


TEST 2 –

After the success of the first hat test I decided to secretly procure another of the boyfriends dirty work hats.So I snuck the hat in with a full load this time but still on a cool and quick wash with 1 Ariel pod. An hour later and the laundry was all washed and dried, and the results were just as impressive as the first time. The dirty black marks were a thing of the past as was the patches of discolouration. Even the white ‘NY’ logo was white again. I gleefully showed the boyfriend and of course he was impressed with his ‘good as new’ hat. It even felt cleaner!


So far I’m very impressed. If you want to see what others are saying about the POD’s then ‘click here’ for the tried and tested site full of reviews. There is also a link for a money off coupon so you can try it yourself!

B x


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