One of my first crafts

I wanted to share with you one of the first things I did within the realms of crafting.

I’ve always dabbled and loved art and crafting since I was at school but its only recently that I’ve really starting putting some effort into it, along with crochet.

While I was pregnant I decided that I wanted a keepsake box for all the bits and pieces I would ultimately want to keep hold of once my daughter was born. I scoured and search every place known to man but couldn’t find anything suitable, or pretty enough or just quite my style. Admittedly I was more than likely being picky but I knew what I wanted and it just wasn’t out there. I had all but given up hope when while in Hobby Craft shopping for something else I saw a large round cardboard hat box …

box before

It was only £3 and exactly what I was after, only it was very plain and not at all pretty. Light bulb moment. Time to get crafty. I spent a long time on the internet finding images, patterns, templates for butterflies and such like and then combined with scrapbooking paper I began to cover the entire outside of the box and lid with sections of the paper and butterflies and images etc. As I was going I also decided to add newspaper stories that had been big the year she was born, such as the Olympics and the Royal Wedding. I also added two old fashioned postcards that myself and her Dad wrote little messages onto for her to read when she is old enough.

Once the entire thing was covered in the patterns and such like I coated it completely in PVA to seal it all and stop any edges coming up and ripping.

Lastly I coated the inside of the box and lid with a layer of newspaper and then painted it with a very dark purple acrylic paint sealing it after with PVA again.

Here is the finished result ….


And a few close ups …


The name tag is an antiqued glitter tag that I also picked up from Hobby Craft for a few pound (there was lots in the pack!) and I just aged and distressed some card then wrote the name myself.

Its the perfect size and has already got bits and pieces stored inside for safe keeping.

B x


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