Storage, storage and more storage

One of the problems with starting things like crochet or other crafts is that you tend to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’.
The problem there is that you obviously need somewhere to store all these items, which is vastly easier said than done, especially if you are not blessed enough to have a house with a room you can dedicate to your craft.

I am constantly seeing beautiful storage ideas such as these

20131030-032638 pm.jpg

20131030-032704 pm.jpg

Now if I could, I would love to think I’d have such a nicely organised and well stocked space, but alas I can’t so I was scouring for alternatives that might work and I came across these…
A handy way to store wool/yarn using a CD/DVD rack:

20131030-032858 pm.jpg

Two clever uses for a peg board:

20131030-033003 pm.jpg

20131030-033134 pm.jpg

And a great way to repurpose old jars while keeping your yarn/wool tidy:

20131030-033259 pm.jpg

I hope these help you become more organised and use the space you have to its best.
Do you have any handy ideas and tips that you’re putting to use around your home? If so please let me know

B xx

Original sources:
2nd craft room
Wool storage
1st peg board
2nd peg board


6 thoughts on “Storage, storage and more storage

  1. I would love to have a craft space like the ones above. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the room! Instead, I have an ottoman behind the couch full of yarn. That’s the closest I can manage!

  2. oh i love using the long thin cd rack to store yarn, it’s neat and tidy and it lets you show it off too! I might go buy a couple of these at the weekend!

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