Tis (nearly) the season to be jolly

As someone has kindly just reminded me it is only 44 days until Christmas. That is barely over a month and will fly by. While I have been very organised in deciding what I’m making and buying for all the birthday and Christmas presents I have to sort, I have not bee quite so good with any Christmas projects for myself. I have however managed to accumulate a collection of projects I would love to start and if I could stop time to work on them then they would already been nestled amongst my previous works.

Christmas collage

Here are some of my favourite festive crochet items that I have come across…

Wreath Wreath – This is made by crocheting round a plastic ring, and the pattern is completely free.

Holly Leaf Holly leaves – I have seen so many projects using holly leaves (just like the two below) that sadly don’t have a pattern, so here is the pattern for the leaves and then they can be used to make larger projects. Holly Garland Holly Wreath

Mini Sockings Mini stockings – super cute and work up very quick. These would look adorable hanging on a tree with a little treat inside.

Gingerbread Man Gingerbread man – Couldn’t you just eat him up

Reindeer Wreath Reindeer Wreath – Another piece where you work round a plastic ring. I think is is really cute and would look lovely on a kids Christmas tree.

Snowflakes Snowflakes – I adore these and if I wasn’t such a traditionalist when it came to Christmas colour schemes I would certainly be making a huge pile in all these colours. I love the idea of hanging a little bell on the end too.

Snowman and friend Snowman & Friend – This makes me want to sing frosty the snowman!

Snowflake Snowflake – Another pattern for a snowflake, the key seems to be stiffening spray.

Reindeer Reindeer Ornament – Rudolf!! He is adorable. Sadly this is the only pattern that you have to buy.

Christmas Ornaments Ornaments – These can be done in any colours you like and are ideal for hanging on your tree.

Christmas Trees Christmas Trees – Scroll down for the English version of this pattern!

Christmas Lights String lights – This is a free ravelry pattern and would be prefect for a young kids tree so you don’t have to worry about cables and lights, or hanging up!

I’d love to know what you’re making this Christmas for your home.

B x



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