The day of birthdays

Monday was my daughter first birthday. A whole year old! It has just flown by. The Sunday before we decided to have a party for her with friends and family at our house. We went for a circus theme and (thanks largely in part to pinterest) had loads of ideas for decorations and food.

To help keep costs down I decided to make most of the decorations and food myself.

Below are some pictures from the day that I would love to share with you all…

P1070060 Gift bags for kids, I created and printed out most of the layers myself and stuck them together to make the tags

P1070061                                                               For some crazy reason it is impossible to find anywhere in the UK that sells giant confetti therefore I made this myself and popped it inside some clear balloons filled with helium. There was one tied to each gift bag as well as decorating the house.

P1070063                                                          Pinwheels are a favourite of mine, I made this out of card and hand drew the number 1. This was hanging on the door to greet people.

P1070065                                                                                         Roll up, Roll up. I made these signs on the computer and then printed them on card and cutting them out to stick to the door frame. It really reminds me of a circus!

P1070067                                                                  The big top tent. This really made the room and was made from long red and white table covers. They are just the cheap kind you get get from poundland. I got mine from Amazon and they were cut in half lengthways. In the centre is tissue paper blossom ball in lots of bright colours. It hides the tape holding the big top tent up perfectly.


P1070071                                                              Due to time constraints I brought the spirals hanging from the ceiling from a great place called Party Pieces the bunting in the background however we made from tissue paper and string.

P1070074                                                                    Again I set to work on my computer and made the drinks labels as well as the little place cards telling everyone what the food and drink was.




P1070323                                                             This was another computer job using a font I downloaded and then lots of patiences cutting them all out of pink card.

P1070260 We also spent a long time printing, cutting and laminating props for a photo booth we set up, here is me and the little lady trying out a couple.

We all had a great day and I certainly learnt a few more crafting tricks making the many decorations and food. There was so much food; popcorn shaped biscuits, rainbow fruit, cupcakes, cookies, swirl lollies, mini pizzas, popcorn and of course the cake…P1070118

B xx


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