Sister number 1

I titled my previous post ‘The day of birthdays‘ as on the exact same day that my daughters first birthday was, it was also both of my younger sisters birthdays (they are 3 years apart in age).

Obviously this coupled with Christmas being just around the corner means it all gets a little expensive so I decided to make the gifts for sister number 1 this year.

I love the idea of making my own chalkboard paint and have seen loads of tutorial on how to do it. I decided to give it a go and make sister number 1 a chalkboard for her to hang on her wall, but I wanted it to be a bit more than that. I liked the idea of it being somewhere she can clip pictures of friends and family, little note or messages, and be able to write on it in chalk. Here is the finished result…


I started with a plain mirror that my partners Dad kindly framed up for me and added a hanging chain onto the back.

I wanted to have my sisters name showing through from the grout so I cut out lettersIMG_1504

and stuck them onto the mirror                          IMG_1503

Then I mixed 1 cup of black acrylic paint with 2tbsp of non sanded powdered grout.IMG_1505

Next the fun bit… the painting. I did about 3 or 4 thin coats, they do not take too long to dry. I highly recommend you use a decent acrylic paint so it sticks well to the mirror. IMG_1509

Once I was happy that the coats of paint where thick enough and had good coverage I left it overnight to completely dry, then I peeled off the letters to reveal the mirror underneath. This had to be done very carefully.                                                      IMG_1510IMG_1511

Next it was time to paint the frame so I covered the chalkboard to protect it and painted the wooden frame in a grey paint. It complimented the black chalkboard paint nicely plus I knew this was going to be hung on a black wall so wanted it to stand out. IMG_1512


Now as mentioned the idea was to have little pictures and notes hung on here so I needed to attach some twine across the frame, I used very very strong glue and stuck the glue right in the edges of the frame so it was nice and neat. IMG_1521

Now an important step, you need to prepare the board for writing on by using the side of a piece of chalk and running it over the entire board, IMG_1522

Rub it off and you are ready to use the board. I added a little message to the birthday girl…                                                                      IMG_1523

..and then I added the finishing touches with some mini pegs to help attach pictures etc.

IMG_1524 IMG_1526

All that was left to do was wrap it up and gift it, it was well received and I cant wait to see it up on the wall in her bedroom!

B xx


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