Sister number 1 take 2

I made a second present for sister number 1 for her birthday as I wanted one to come from my daughter too.

I wanted to make some custom bangles with charms on them so in addition to the chalkboard mirror that I made there was also these and this is what they ended up looking like.


These were extremely time consuming and resulted in glue going everywhere on more than one occasion while I got the hang of things. A few fingers might have even become stuck at one point!

I started with some plain bangles I brought on-line in a big bag for a few pound and then I started the slow process of wrapping each one in different brightly coloured thread, making sure there was no gaps. I used extremely strong gel glue, kind of like super glue but in a gel form so that I had time to wrap before it dried but so that it would dry quick enough to hold the thread in place.


Once I had wrapped each one and they had all fully dried (I left each one overnight just to be safe) I then put a finding onto each charm and then added them onto the bracelets.


I also added lots of extra findings in between the charms so that they do not fall all together and also because it just looked nice having the extra rings on there.


I secretly wanted to keep these for myself as I love them but sadly the bangles do not fit my wrist as I got the smaller size so they wouldn’t be too big for my sister who has decidedly thinner wrists that me.


I do have plenty of thread and charms left though so if I get any more bangles and more importantly time, I might have to make another set!

B x


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