Customised candles tutorial

So I teased you with a peek at these candles I have made, yesterday and today is the tutorial.


You will need:
* hair dryer
* plain candle – I’ve used a white church candle scented with white linen from Tesco
* tissue paper either white or the same colour as your candle
* computer and printer
* Sellotape
* card
* grease proof paper
* scissors

Firstly you need to decide on the design you would like on the candle. I used this christmas printable that I got from here


Once you have done that you need to take your tissue paper and tape it to the top of your card. Make sure the tissue paper is completely flat and without folds or creases. You also need to make sure you tape in from the edge, this means that there is card all round the edge and then tape and he tissue paper in the middle. You need to do this otherwise the printer cannot grab hold of the card to put it through.
So the next step is to put the tissue paper and card into the printer and then press print on your design. It should go through pretty smoothly providing the tissue paper is flat and you followed my tip above about the Sellotape.

Next you need to cut around your design as close to it as you can get. Discard the card you only need the tissue paper which should have your lovely design on it. Here is mine all cut out…


Now you need to lay down some grease proof paper and put your tissue paper on top of it, face down.
Take your candle


And lay it on top of the tissue paper and grease proof paper and wrap the edges of the grease proof around the candle and hold it tightly at the back


Now grab hold of your hair dryer and on a hot heat hold it over the grease proof paper and tissue paper, move the dryer over the entire design, depending on the size of your design you will need to do this for about 1 minute ensuring you go right up to the edges of the tissue paper.


Once you think you are done slowly peel the grease proof paper away and check if the tissue paper has melted onto the candle, if it hasn’t just pull the grease proof paper tight again and put the hair dryer over it some more until done.

If it is all stuck down then you are done and all that’s left to do is to find the ideal place to put your candle or the perfect recipient


B x


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