Christmas project Number 1 – The Wreath

Slightly later than planned I have managed to make a Christmas Wreath for my door.

Every year I end up looking for one and never quite see anything that takes my fancy or isn’t ridiculously priced, so I decided to make one myself.


I stopped off at my local Hobby Craft and picked up the following:

1. Polystyrene half ring 25cm         2. Clip on Robin’s                                                      3. Felt in Red, white and sparkly white                                                                              4. Selection of fake berries and leaves

I have also used the a pinecone, some red buttons, white yarn and silver paint, all of which I already had at home.


Firstly I dipped the edges of the pinecone in the silver paint to make it a bit more Christmassy and sparkly.


While that was drying I wrapped the entire polystyrene ring in the white yarn and tied it off at the back. Its worth noting that I used a half ring as I wanted it to sit flat against the door it was going to be hanging on but the full rounded ones work just as well if not better.

The first thing it tied in place was the long large white berry branch that you can see in the background which has 3 stalks of leaves and berries, I left one going straight up and then bent the other two round the curve of the ring slightly so it was moulded to it.


I then tied down the pinecone as I knew I wanted to build up around that.


I made all the little flowers and leaves out of felt. There are two with double layers of petals and button middles and then some loopy ones and lastly a few that remind me of Chrysanthemum.


I securely stuck in the last little bunch of red berries and blueberries as seen in the picture above this one


Here it is hanging in place on the side door out the front of our house…


I cant decide whether to add a little bit of ribbon that says ‘Merry Christmas’ on. I would attach it to the robin with his little clip. What do you think?

B x


3 thoughts on “Christmas project Number 1 – The Wreath

    1. Thank you! Yes do it. Make sure you share it with me once it done as I’d love to see what you come up with.
      Wreaths are such a great way to use up any left over berries or Christmassy bits (Sadly I didn’t have any left over bits, but that’s just another excuse to go shopping!)

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