Christmas Project Number 2 – The Stocking

My second Christmassy project this month is a stocking!


A friend asked me to make one for her little boy. He is just about to turn 1 so it will be his first Christmas and as such he obviously needs a stocking.

I found this brilliant pattern (here) from Bernat and with a few adjustments (mainly how long to crochet for as it was getting a little too long for my liking, plus I got very confused when doing the heel so went a little freehand if you will to make it look right) I have a lovely looking stocking. I really like the old sock feel it has, especially the ribbed cuff that folds over the top.

Cuff of Stocking

Once complete I sent a pic over to my friend to let her know its was done and ask if she wanted anything on it and she asked for his name.

Thankfully I had already had some practice at doing crochet letters as seen in this post here but I did need to scale them all down slightly so they would fit onto the stocking.

The finished result…



B x


4 thoughts on “Christmas Project Number 2 – The Stocking

  1. Aww how sweet, that’s one lucky boy, hope it becomes a well treasured Christmas tradition putting it up for Santa each year 🙂

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