… I can share with you guys some of the projects I was working on as gifts for Christmas. I mentioned a few times previously that I was working on lots of bits and pieces and now I can show them to you.

Here are a couple of glimpses of all that I made:

IMG_1646 This was a present for sister #1 and is a Big Bang Periodic table ‘Bazinga’ necklace. It took a considerable amount of time to perfect the method for making this.

P1070895 The second part of Sister #1’s present was an Amigarumi Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory) Doll. This took me forever to make and his neck is slightly floppy (the perils of under stuffing).

P1070809 For the Mum was some gold snowflake ornaments.

Check back over the next week for more on those 3 gifts!

I also decided to try and get a bit more creative with my gift wrapping this year. I used different types of twine and ribbon and made letters instead of gift tags. A few even had buttons to tie the twine together. All the presents looked lovely under the tree.


B x


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