My Mini Sheldon Cooper

As previewed in yesterdays post I made an Amigarumi Sheldon Cooper Doll.


For those of you who have not see The Big Bang Theory firstly go and buy the box sets now!! secondly this is Sheldon Cooper.

I made this as part of sister number 1’s Christmas present and it took me ages! I used this amazing FREE pattern from Amidorable Crochet although I did tweak it slightly as the trouser section got a little confusing.

P1070897 P1070901

Now as it was a present I didn’t stop there. Sheldon needed a box! something to showcase him. So I needed to get making. I wanted a proper doll type box so with a little creativity, some brown wrapping paper, clear plastic and a bit of writing we were done.

IMG_1644                            IMG_1643                                 IMG_1642

Poor Sheldon’s hair looks a little wild in these pictures but before he was man-handled into the box it was all slick like the real Sheldon’s is.

B x


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