The Bazinga Necklace

Another preview I gave you all in this previous post was of a Bazinga necklace.


It was the second part of sister number 1’s Christmas present and posed a real challenge.

Firstly just in case yu are not familiar with the word ‘Bazinga’ it is a common phrase used by Dr Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory (that’s right the same guy from yesterdays post). Anyway the necklace is meant to be 3 elements from the periodic table, Barium (BA), Zinc (ZN) and Gallium (GA) which spells BAZNGA … see where we are going here 🙂

It took a few attempts too make this necklace, I had to try a few different types of clay before finally settling on a thin piece of wood measuring 3″x1″ with two little holes in the two top corners.

I painted the wood with a few coats of white acrylic paint and allowed it to fully dry. I then wrote all the letters out using a fine tipped black sharpie and then coated the whole thing with a varnish (for those of you in the UK I used this, its kind of like a UK version of mod podge – although I have see hobby craft now sell that over here too!). One thing to note with the varnish is if I brushed it one it wiped the writing and caused it to run so I took to sort of dripping it onto the top of the piece. This solves the issue of runny writing but also gave it a slightly more domed top which was quite nice. Finally I attached a couple of findings and a silver chain and we are all done.

The necklace is far from perfect and I would like another go to master the method I used and make it all a little neater but I was so relieved to get it finished and in time.

B x


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