Spring has ‘almost’ sprung

Well spring is nearly here, and with spring comes Easter, with Easter comes lots and lots of chocolates.

This year I will be more than happy not to receive a massive basket load of chocolate as I’m pretty sure my waist line couldn’t handle it, however I still like to get into the spirit of celebrating the arrival of spring and hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel for all this miserable rain and flooding we’ve had here in the UK; so I thoroughly intend on making some Easter decorations for my house.Therefore I have collected 12 Easter themed crafts to either decorate the home with or even give as gifts to those who would also like to avoid chocolate this year!

Easter Crafts

1. Amigurumi Bee


2. Bunny Table Runner

Bunny Table runner

3. New Sew Bunny Bunting

Buny Garland

4. Crochet Egg Holders

Egg Holder

5. Crochet Chicken Eggs

Crochet Eggs

6. Crochet Chicks


7. Mini Crochet Easter Baskets

Egg Baskets

8. Easter Egg Garland

Egg Garland

9. Easter Eggs and Baby Chicks

Chick & Eggs

10. Crochet Flower (This is one I showed you early on in my blog and the pattern can be found here)


11.Birds & Butterflies (This was also from early on in my blog and can be found on my patterns page here as part of the mobile)


12. Bunny Blankie (Another one of mine and can be found here)


And lastly because I was naughty and snuck one in the list that was an Etsy buy I have also included these adorable little lambs..


I hope you have find something Easter and spring inspired to make, I for one am looking forward to making the egg garland for my window.

B x



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