It’s completed!

I have finished the basket pattern that I received as my free gift with the ‘simply crochet’ magazine subscription I was brought for Mother’s Day and showed you here

20140419-083253 pm.jpg

It came up smaller than I thought especially as you get two balls of t-shirt yarn but the basket doesn’t even use all of one. On the plus side it means I can use the other ball for a new project but if I had known I would have increased the stitches in the pattern to make a much bigger basket.

20140419-083407 pm.jpg

It makes up very quickly however…. Once you get to grips with it being so thick and crocheting incredibly loosely.

I’ve also been busy doing some more work to my ‘Wreck it Journal’ that I first showed you here and here

20140419-083711 pm.jpg
Filing a blank page that has instructions for other pages.

20140419-083743 pm.jpg
Doodling on the title page.

20140419-083807 pm.jpg
My interpretation of doodling on the copyright page.

20140419-083836 pm.jpg
Doodling on the instructions page.

B x


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