The next instalment

This months edition of ‘Simply Crochet’ has arrived and it came with a gorgeous dream catcher kit as the free gift.

20140501-092146 pm.jpg

I love dream catchers and this one comes in such pretty pinks and creams with contrasting turquoise beads.

20140501-092222 pm.jpg

Included in the kit is a plastic hoop to crochet around and even the right size hook, although I used my own set as the one provided was quite bendy plastic.

20140501-092255 pm.jpg

The only thing that let this little kit down was that the turquoise beads were like a soft plastic or clay and had a tiny hole so when you tried to thread them onto the yarn to work into the dream catcher as you go they just broke meaning I had to stitch them on afterwards.
Other than that it was a brilliant little kit and the dream catcher will look lovely hanging in my daughters room keeping all the bad dreams at bay!

B xx


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