Extra hours for the day?

If someone could magic up an extra hour or two in the day for me I would be eternally grateful.

The days just seem to be flying by lately and I don’t feel quite as productive as usual.
When I look back however I have made quite good progress at making a few more bits for my Etsy store and some other items too.

I’ve just listed these adorable baby booties in my store and will be adding a few more designs and colours shortly.

20140708-085355 pm-75235259.jpg
At £5 I wish if found some like these when Miss P was still small enough to wear them.

20140708-085438 pm-75278209.jpg

20140708-085438 pm-75278083.jpg

I’ve also finished my first ever doll. I’m ever so pleased with how she has turned out, but she is yet to be named. Any suggestions?

20140708-084600 pm-74760632.jpg

Lastly this week I’ve finished making the plaque that was the prize for my Facebook giveaway winner.
She specified the quote herself but left the designing up to me. I hope she likes it as I’m super excited for her reaction and to see it in its new home.

20140708-084748 pm-74868106.jpg

B x


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