Inspiration needed… Calling all crafters!

I have rather sneakily managed to acquire this lovely and quite large wicker hamper.

20140717-055238 pm-64358181.jpg
I put it on the sofa so you could all get an idea of size (it is quite big).

Anyway as I was saying, it was going free and not one to turn down a freebie I offered to give it a new home. However I didn’t think much past that point and I’m not entirely sure what to do with it.
I’ve had a few ideas such as storage in our living room for Miss P’s ever growing toy collection so that of an evening the room looks toy free and a grown up space again.
I’ve also thought about sewing a lining and popping it inside with a fold over edge like this one…

20140717-055608 pm-64568822.jpg
But I’m just not sure.
So now I’m asking you lot 🙂
Do any of you wonderful people have some suggestions on what this lovely hamper could become? Be as crazy or ambitious as you dare to be!

B x


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