Booties, Birds and … Freebies?

I know, I know I was trying to be clever and use some alliteration for a catchy title but I just couldn’t think of a third ‘B’, that will teach me for trying to be a smart arss 🙂

It does however sum up perfectly my post for today. I’ve been really busy making lots of lovely items for orders that have been flying it and I feel so lucky that I haven’t even stopped to think about it; until now.
My best seller so far has been baby booties and I have made 8 pairs in the last month. They are so adorable it’s lovely making them and I do love knowing they will keep some tiny persons feet warm.


While we are on the subject my Etsy shop is fully up to date and there are some fab items up for grabs, even if I do say so myself 🙂

Today however I mixed it up and tried my hand at one of the Bower Birds from Lucy at Attic24.
I adore her creations as they are always so colourful however I’ve never really been a fan of these birds, it’s nothing against Lucy at all I think the shape was just a little different for me.
This all changed as soon as I had finished making my Scandinavian inspired christmas one! I am completely in love with it.

It’s full of little details and embellishments that really make it and I just cannot wait to hang it on my twiggy tree.
If you haven’t checked out Attic24 you should head on over as she has a great blog!

Lastly I have a giveaway running! If you are on Facebook then please do head on over and enter, I’d love to see you.

B x


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