Counting down the days

With just over 30 days left until Christmas I am getting in full swing with all my handmade and crafting makes.

I wanted to get my daughters 2nd birthday all done first, so we have all had this week of to celebrate and spend some time together as a family having days out, which has been lovely but now it’s time to really gear up for the festive season.
As I mentioned previously I am a bit of an over preparer so I’ve been buying presents and starting some of my makes since June (shhhh I know super early!) but it does mean I only have a few things left to make.

One item I have always wanted in our house at Christmas is a wooden advent calendar house.
If you google them there are loads of fabulous designs ranging in price but I really wanted to make one myself.

I found a brilliant plain one from Hobby Craft and decided to give it a go.

After doing a bit of research I decided a Scandinavian inspired design was what I really liked and tied in with our colour scheme as it’s mainly red and white.
So armed with lots of paint, glitter, printed designs and even some hand cut shapes using my newly acquired paper cutting skills, I began.

Here is the finished result:

It’s far from perfect but I am so pleased with how it’s turned out and the bonus is Miss P also seems to have given it her seal of approval which is great as it will house her sweets this year.

Here’s a few close ups of my favourite doors:




It also has a glittery (aka snowy) roof


And lastly because no small detail is too be forgotten I even made sure the sides of the draws were covered so you get to see the pretty designs when the draw is pulled out.



This will now take pride of place in our living room and doubles up as a wonderful decoration for the room too so it will certainly be used year after year.

Now onto the next job…

B x


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