Up cycling for Christmas

Christmas has well and truly arrived here at Miss B HQ the decorations are up, my orders are all finished and have been sent out to customers and planning for the big day is in full swing.

I have 2 more gifts to finish and then I have completed everything on the to do list. I’ve taken this as an opportunity to work on a couple of little projects for myself the first of which being some serious up cycling that a couple of old baubles needed. They were all a different colour to what we have and looked very shabby (and not in a chic way either).
I have always wanted some crochet on the tree as I love lots of different textures so this seemed like a perfect opportunity.


Our colour scheme is red and white with some small hints of grey so once again I turned to Scandinavian influences to inspire my work and voila a set of 5 baubles were complete…


I started with a plain red bauble and then went with the flow for the rest.


Next came the striped bauble.


Then the white and grey and plain grey baubles.



And lastly the red stitched bauble.


I will be adding to the set with a few more hopefully before Christmas…


…but for now they look lovely hanging on the tree…


B x


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