Meet Hetti

Its a Hippo! Hetti the Hippo to be precise.

Hetti the Hippo Baby Hat
Hetti the Hippo Baby Hat

I gave you a sneak peak of something I was working on in the last post and now here she is all complete.

Complete with button eyes, flaring nostrils and poking out teeth she the happiest hippo around.

Hippo eyes & nose
Hippo eyes & nose

Once again I relied on my favourite 100% cotton yarn and worked this little lady up in Drops Paris. The pattern is courtesy of the very fab Repeat Crafter Me although I used my own pattern for the hat and just followed the instructions for the nose, eyes, ears and teeth. The finished item is now listed in my Etsy store!

Hippo teeth
Hippo teeth

I love how quickly a hat works up using the pattern I have, you can easily complete the bas of the hat in an evening.

When I can eventually find the time during daylight hours I will make an effort to write the pattern up properly with lovely pictures and everything but I tend to be a bit of a night owl crochet at the moment and that doesn’t work so well on the photo front…

I’ve already started and finished another hat that is ready to go to its forever home and in between all that I am working on a commission from my sister…. my first ever piece of proper adult clothing (although technically teenager clothing). It currently waiting for a quick fitting to see if I am on track but again its working up so quickly.

Here is a little peak and stage 1, the colours are lovely. Brownie points to anyone who has an idea of what exactly I am making with these for her!

Earthy Granny Squares
Earthy Granny Squares

B x


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