A month of new things

April has seen lots of exciting things happen at Miss B’s HQ, most importantly I have released a new product range!


You can now buy Framed (and unframed) hand cut paper cuts and templates! Lots of lovely mini cuts have already been listed over on Etsy and more are in the pipeline! Here are a couple of my favourites…

Part 1 of a set
Part 1 of a set
Part 2 of a set
Part 2 of a set
Happy Rain Cloud
Happy Rain Cloud
Smiling Rainbow
Smiling Rainbow

I have also been working on some new crochet items. I have 2 baby blankets on the go that I am playing around with and making sure they work. So far they look lovely but I have ran out of yarn! (A crocheter’s worst nightmare) so I am not so patiently waiting till more arrives.
Here is a sneak peak of them so far…

'Sea' Baby Blanket
‘Sea’ Baby Blanket

Quite a few more rounds have been done since this picture of the ‘Sea’ blanket but it has used far more yarn that I expected!

Neutral blanket
Neutral blanket

This one is very nearly done, I would say I got 3/4 of the way through before running out of supplies!

In the background of all this I have also been undertaking a full house restoration…Dolls house that is 😉 !

Project Doll's House
Project Doll’s House

We managed to pick this fabulous 3 storey Victorian town-house up for a bargain and it even came complete with lots and lots of furniture and accessories. The downside was its was very neglected and in need of some serious TLC.
So far its been stripped of the many layers of ‘wallpaper’, the interesting choices of carpet and sanded down.It was just like a real house with each layer removed revealing something new underneath!
I have made some good progress with the walls since this photo and even managed some base coats of paint. The little madam is already trying to play with it so it will go down very well once its all tidied up and complete.

Has anyone else attempted to re-vamp an old doll’s house? Tips and tricks are very welcome!

B xx


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