Renovations underway

I think I managed to decorate our whole house quicker than this dolls house. There is something about making things in miniature that takes twice as long.

In spite of all that it is coming along nicely and we now have a refreshed outside that is no longer a gruby blue but pink and bright white. The front door and flower boxes are still in need of a little love but just ignore those for now 😉

All the rooms have lovely new wallpapers or are freshly painted. Even the dreaded hallway where I frequently wished for small hands so I could get into the small spaces easier.
The top left room is a pale thin green stripe believe it or not.
The kitchen and the bathroom are fully decorated and now waiting on the all important finishing touches.

The nursery (my favourite room so far) is just waiting on some lovely self adhesive flooring to arrive and it’s almost done too. I love the animal wallpaper and the rainbow rug (crochet of course). I also managed to find in my fabric scraps some animal print in bright colours to match and make a little blind (it’s all in the details you see!).
While I am waiting for all the carpet to arrive I’ve started sorting the furniture out. First up is the 3 piece suite. This seating was looking oh so sorry for itself!

So a few free fabric samples later and the armchair is now re-covered… 

 I just need to pick up a few more fabric samples and finish both sofas. 
I couldn’t resist adding a bit of crochet into this mini world so I also made a mini v-stitch rainbow afghan/throw for one of the double beds.

Seeing as I can’t do anymore I’ve also been getting stuck into more crochet and I’ve started my first ever chevron baby blanket 

Sorry it’s such a dark picture I was curled up in the evening when I started working on it but it’s the softest colours of peach and white.

I love how the chevrons are coming out so defined!

To finish of the week we also had some fun with daisies in the garden!

B x


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