Mini Flower Pattern

I love these little hair slides so much that I am often found wearing them. I made them originally for Miss P and then added them to the shop where they have proved quite popular but I frequently pinch them to pin my own hair back!

Flower Hair Slides
Flower Hair Slides

Today I have written the pattern up for you so that you can give them a go yourself.
(If you don’t feel like making them and just want to buy some ready made you can find the listing for them here)

I used a 3mm hook and either embroidery thread or 4ply but you can use any yarn as long as you use the hook to match, the flower will just be bigger or smaller.
If you want to make some hair slides as well then you will need the grips and little diamanté gems too.

In the interest of full disclosure I use US crochet terms (just because logically they make far more sense to me!) but this pattern is super simple, so here we go:

ss – Slip Stitchch – Chain
sc – Single crochet
dc – Double crochet
st – stitch

1. Start with a magic circle (or ch4 and ss to the first ch)
2. ch1, sc12 into the magic circle (or the ring made with your chain 4), join with a ss to your first sc (pull the free end of your yarn tight to close the gap if you have used a magic circle).
3. *ch3, dc into same st, dc in next st, ch3, ss into same st, ss into the next st*
Repeat from * around, ss into the first st from this round
You should end up with 6 petals each one work across 2sc from the row below.
Finish off and weave in your ends and the flower is done.

I sewed and glued my gems on to make doubly sure they would not come off and the same with the flower onto the hair slide, this was purely for my own peace of mind but either would work.

Have fun making lots of flowers, don’t forget to show me what you make, I love seeing your pictures!

B x

NB. This pattern is copyright to Miss B’s Emporium you may share it as long as you link back to this page and ensure full credit is given when showing your work or the pattern. Please don’t sell or reproduce the written pattern in anyway. Items made from this pattern are for personal use only so please feel free to gift them to your friends, family, the neighbours dog etc and even for charity but they cannot be sold.


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