An Annie Sloan Virgin

I have been absolutely desperate for a bureau for what seems like forever. A little space all of my own to work where I can just close the top up when I am finished and everything is hidden away and clutter free.
Hour upon hour of searching Ebay kept coming up unsuccessful as others beat me at the last minute but finally I managed to get my little mitts on one (I was like a kid at Christmas)…

Stag Bureau
Stag Bureau

It was missing a handle and in need of a good clean up but otherwise fantastic condition (and an absolute bargain!).

Now as lovely as the bureau is already it didn’t quite fit with our décor, so I decided to give it a bit of a makeover. Being a lazy decorator someone who doesn’t have days to re-vamp a piece of furniture I settled on Annie Sloan paint quite quickly. It requires no sanding or priming… yep that’s right, you just slap that paint straight on there!
I did do a bit of reading first as I was a little sceptical this could be right and being new to Annie Sloan I didn’t want to waste any of the rather expensive tin.

Annie Sloan Paints & Wax
Annie Sloan Paints & Wax

As this is not a how to tutorial in anyway, as there are so many out there already I massively recommend this one from The Thinking Closet. It was fab and I felt prepared to give it a go.
I did follow instruction and give the bureau a good old wash down and then off I went.

The first coat was super easy to apply and had dried in about 30 minutes! yep completely dry.

After the 1st coat
After the 1st coat

As you can see it also covers really well considering this was one very dark wood.
Onto coat 2. Again this took no time at all to apply and I was able to paint the entire piece, including draws, with 2 coats in one evening. In hindsight it would have been better to do this during the day as the light wasn’t so great, but I was trying to keep tiny hands away while I was painting so I’d waited until she was in bed 🙂

After coat 2
After coat 2

I used Paris Grey on the outside but opted for Graphite inside. This colour was less forgiving that the Paris Grey and required a bit more care while applying (note to self for next time) as a result the inside is not as neat a finish as I would like.

I then had to be nice and patient and wait for the paint to dry over 24hours before the waxing could commence. It is so easy to do, just rub on and wipe off, channel your inner Karate Kid and you will be onto a winner.
Again the graphite was far less forgiving and required much more elbow grease to give it the same smooth polished look as the Paris Grey (another note for next time!).

The wax then takes 24 hours to dry completely (and a month before its fully cured- so be gentle for a few weeks when using it) so queue me waiting ever so patiently again and it was ready for the finishing touches… handles!
I opted for some lovely milky white ceramic rose handles to make it look just a little more feminine but still quite modern.

Annie Sloan Bureau
Annie Sloan Bureau
Inside the bureau
Inside the bureau

The inside still has its leather inlay within the fold down door so I painted around that and left it in place as it was a nice bit of history I didn’t quite want to remove.

It has not taken me long to move in at all and the draws and shelves are all filled with bits and pieces already!
Since taking the picture I have installed a little lamp on top and I now love sitting here working away, its far more practical than hunched over on the sofa with the work on my lap.

Has anyone else used Annie Sloan? I would welcome any further tips as I still have an almost full tin of Graphite I am planning to use on our dinning table.


9 thoughts on “An Annie Sloan Virgin

  1. Eek! This piece turned out beautifully – – you incorporated two of my loves in one: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint AND a desk with peek-a-boo interior paint. Definitely worthwhile to do the contrast! I am SO going to feature this project in my September reader showcase. Thanks so much for the link love to my Annie Sloan post so I could come and see this gem! High five!

    1. Aw thanks Lauren! I couldn’t imagine painting it any other way despite how hard the graphite was to work with compared to paris grey, so I am glad you like it!
      Thank you for such a fab blog post that persuaded me to just give it a go! X

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