Continuing the journey…

Since my first foray into the world of Annie Sloan paint I have wanted to slather pretty much most of the furniture in my house in the stuff! (You can see project 1 here

Thankfully I have been pretty restrained. I did however finally get around to painting our dining table. It has been on the to do list for a year at least and I kept putting it off thinking we wouldn’t cope without a table for as long as it would take to paint and dry. Seeing how quick Annie Sloan paint coated and dried on the bureau however spurred me on. Stupidly I didn’t take a before photo as I was just too blooming excited to get started but picture a scratched, faded, stain covered oak type wooden farmhouse table and you have what we started with!

The table was painted completely in one day! I did it outside this time and the whole thing had 2 coats except the top which had 3. I also waxed the whole thing twice, again with 3 coats on the top. Learning from my previous mistakes on the bureau with the graphite coloured paint I worked a damn sight harder to make sure it had a really nice smooth finish. 

Annie Sloan farmhouse table
The chairs were already black but they match perfectly! 

If anyone is still on the fence about Annie Sloan I really say go for it! I’m already thinking about what else to use the rest of the tins on… Yep that’s right, even after a big old bureau and a dining table I still have at least a quarter tin left of both colours.

I have also had the pleasure of being featured in Lauren’s fabulous blog. She initially inspired me to give Annie Sloan a go so it is such an honour to feature in a reader showcase! Click the picture to see what Lauren’s up to over there.

In the meantime Miss B’s has been gearing up for Christmas and my orders books have been filling up! I’ve had lots of requests for these brilliant mermaid tail blankets.  

Mermaid tail blanket
I was initially commissioned to make this lilac one for a ladies daughter and as soon as I posted it on my Facebook page it became very popular. I have to admit I am pretty tempted myself 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying different colours and even have the crocodile stitch planned for one of them. 
B x


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