The end of Autumn

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I really enjoy Autumn and all it brings with it. The cold frost, beautiful red, orange and brown leaves on the trees, fireworks, wrapping up in layers and scarves, hot chocolate, and best of all Halloween!!

We spent Halloween at a friends party this year so didn’t go to overboard with the decorations and only had one pumpkin.

Sugar Skull Pumpkin
Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Miss P ‘helped’ carve and had a great time flinging the pumpkin flesh everywhere, although most of it miraculously made it into the bowl to be used for this years loaf of pumpkin bread (which really is delicious and like a cross between a cake and bread but brilliant toasted and smothered with butter!).

As Halloween would just not be Halloween without fancy dress we also got into character for the evenings party.
ALOT of time and extra hands went into those face paint designs as well!

Family Fancy Dress
Family Fancy Dress

We had a brilliant time and Miss P had her first experience of trick or treating, which has resulted in enough sweets and chocolate to last her until next years Halloween!
So many neighbours got involved this year and it was great to see so many houses decorated and taking part as it can be a bit hit and miss in the UK.

This weekend we are off to a fireworks show at my old primary school and then for me that is Autumn almost at an end and Winter making an entrance taking centre stage. Now if I enjoy Autumn I LOVE Winter as it means the build up to Christmas has begun.

Its been so busy at Miss B’s with orders mainly for Christmas presents that the Etsy shop has been put into Holiday mode and my orders books are temporarily closed while I catch up and clear all outstanding orders 🙂 It’s fantastic to be so busy and I cannot thank every lovely person who has ordered enough.

B x


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