Blocking big! 

I don’t normally have much need for blocking my makes. Hats and amigarumi doesn’t require it so it’s a very rare day if I find blocking is required and when it is it’s usually granny squares before I join them to make a blankets so very small scale.

A recent customer order however meant not only blocking was required but on a large scale! 

I was commissioned to make a beautiful baby blanket (don’t you love her colour choices!) 


ripple blanket
Once finished I was left with a slightly mishapen square so I needed to give it a decent blocking. 

all finished by mishapen
Sadly my usual places/methods are far to small so I resorted to pinning it in place on the bedroom floor as its carpeted. 

pinned in place

pinning the corners
 Thankfully our iron has a rather impressive steam setting so holding it slightly above the blanket I steamed the entire piece with extra attention on the edges. I was also treated to a wonderful steam facial in the process and there was a rather large amount of bum wiggling while in the air as I stretch, leaned and crouched over the blanket to make sure it was all blocked. 

steaming away

Once completely dry and un-pinned the blanket was finally complete and ready for its new owner! 

finished blanket
B x


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