The month that we turned purple

Miss B’s has been quiet in March but it was very much by choice. I took a few less orders in preparation for some serious fundraising I knew was coming up.

March 26th was known worldwide as Purple Day which supports and raises awareness of Epilepsy. Our 3 year old was diagnosed with Epilepsy last year and we are still in the middle of hospital visits and tests so we decided to do some fundraising for 2 charities we have found a great help since finding out.  

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Society
I had a bake sale at the day job before hand and made some very purple sacked cakes…

Baked, cut and ready to build
Ombré cakes – stacked and Iced
Ombré cakes – side view

I had a minor disaster with food colouring previously when making a rainbow cake  and I used an entire tube of gel food colouring and the layers were still only pastel shades so this time I got serious and brought some Wilton food colouring. I had heard only good things but was very sceptical. Well how wrong I was… The bottom colour took just the tip of a teaspoon being dipped into the pot and mixed into the batter! This stuff is seriously amazing and although the pot is small it will last for a very long time.

As I had cut circles out I had a lot of left over cake so I crumbled it up and made cake pops for our main fundraising event on the 26th. 

cake crumbles for cake pops

Speaking of the main event… We decided to host a big ol’ party at our house (yes I know we are a bit crazy). Obviously it was purple themed so I got a bit creative with decorations. 

 This wonderful tassel garland was kindly donated but the very wonderful IndigoZebra (this just so happens to be one of my fav shops I follow on Instagram too! So pretty)

Tissue paper tassel garland

I then whipped up some tissue paper Pom-poms… 

Tissue paper pom-pom
…and a large confetti backdrop. The best investment for the party was a super large single punch hole punch. I got it from Hobby Craft for about £10 and it makes large circles the size of your palm…so fun to use!!  
Purple backdrop

There was also balloons and posters etc But they didn’t look as good in a photo 😉

We were so busy on the day we stupidly left the camera sat on the side and forgot to take any other pictures but I did sneak in a rare selfie.

It’s Me!

We had a brilliant day, there was far too much food (I’m still amazed at how much purple coloured food we managed to whip up) games, an awesome raffle thanks to lots of generous donations and we managed to raise an fantastic £500!! This will be split evenly between the two charities and we are so pleased to have got such a healthy amount to be able to give to them both. It’s such a small thank you for all the help they have given us over the last year. 

B x


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