Another First…

This week I have completed my first ever mandala!
I’ve wanted to make one for a while but never really had a need or time. However after recently revamping our kitchen table I really wanted a centre piece to pop underneath the big glass bowl we usually have on it.

I hunted online for a pattern but none where really catching my attention. I wanted it to have lots of stitch variation and texture. I’m aware I could have taken the time to come up with one from scratch myself but I didn’t really have enough time to plan the pattern and then make it so I continued searching.
The I remembered a really amazing blanket I had seen repeatedly (which I’m sure you will all know as soon as I mention it or show you below) that featured a circular middle before turning square –

Sophie's Universe Blanket
Sophie’s Universe Blanket – click pic for link to tutorial

The middle of this blanket is exactly what I wanted.
So off I go working on the first few parts of the CAL to make my mandala

After only a few rounds I am already in love! Look at all those patterns and textures…

I chose to use shades of red with white and grey to balance it slightly (in case you hadn’t guessed our kitchen has red themes) in Drops Paris as it is a lovely thick cotton that has really nice stitch definition.

The further into the pattern we go the more complex the stitches get but it really is a piece of art you are creating.

Flowers & petal patterns emerging
Flowers & petal patterns emerging

I stopped a few rounds short of the circle part ending as it  was big enough for my table by about round 18.

The completed Mandala
The completed Mandala

A rouge bit of grey yarn seems to have worked its way into the picture so do feel free to ignore that 🙂 I may have only just spotted it myself!

I was far to impatient to block it so I have popped it onto the table already. I will block it soon as it has a rather ripply edge from the bobble stitch round that you can see in white near the outer edge.

In place on the table
In place on the table

I had so much fun with this one that I am going to carve out some time to design one from scratch myself and will most definitely be making lots of Mandala’s. I really want to pop some into frames as artwork for the walls.

B x


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