Free Pattern Friday!

That’s right your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s time for a free pattern 🙂

I recently had a commission for a set of cushion covers but the lady liked the look of the knitted style. As you know the art of knitting very much eludes me…give me a hook over needles any day. So I set out to create the look with crochet. Here is the finished result:

Knit effect crochet cushion cover

I made this with the humble half double crochet stitch (htr in UK terms).

Some of you might know this but it was only a short while ago that I realised when you do a hdc there are 3 loops, the back and front loops as normal and then a 3rd one behind. If you work into this 3rd loop it forces the other 2 to the front giving a knitted effect.

Special 3rd loop

This only works properly if you are working in a round. If you work back and forth you get a different look and the knitted effect is not as clear and defined.

When your working your last round will look like there is a large gap between rows (as seen below) but when you then add another row it will force the front down.

HDC stitches worked in the 3rd loop

So enough waffling and onto the pattern. I made these to fit a standard 16″ cushion but you can make them as big or small as you like just adjust your starting chains.
And remember we are working in that 3rd loop all the time unless stated otherwise

I use American terms and the ch2 at the start of each round does not count as your starting stitch.


I used Stylecraft chunky in Graphite and I held two threads together at once so it was double thickness.
10mm hook
Tapestry needles
4 buttons

The finished effect


Ch68 and then join to 1st ch with a ss – make sure that there is no twist in the ch before you join it
1. Ch2 then hdc in the same st and around, join with a ss to first hdc (68)
2-25. Ch2 then hdc in the same st and around, join with a ss to first hdc (68)
I use a stitch marker at this point and count 34 from the joint st and mark it.
26. You then hdc still in the 3rd loops for the next 34 stitches. Ch2 and turn
27-28. Hdc across, ch2 and turn(34)
29. Working through both front and back loops as normal from now on – sc across, ch1 and turn (34)
30. Sc across (34) fasten off and weave in all ends.

You should now have a piece that is open at both ends with a flap at the top.

At the starting end of your work (i.e.the bottom) join some yarn and work across slip stitching the two sides closed. You will need to make sure your hook goes through both starting chains and then ss the together. (34)

Now sew on your buttons to the back, I did them about 3 rows down with 2 near the edges to hold the corners down and then the others evenly spaced. You should be able to just pop the buttons through the space of the sc’s

Finished off with a tag

These worked up super quick and I am a little in love. When I get a spare minute I might even make some for myself!

B x


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