Rainbows everywhere

My life is full of rainbows, mermaids, unicorns and pretty much anything colourful and magical at the moment. It’s like a young girls dream world. Obviously I love it! 

Sticking to that theme I set about making a baby blanket. I’m not a huge fan of long projects, my attention span clearly isn’t long enough so it needed to be something I could dip in and out of with ease especially during busy periods with customer orders. Therefore a granny square blanket seemed like the perfect solution. Lots of quick little squares that can be worked on at lunch, on the sofa watching TV or waiting for an appointment. 

And so I began….

simple granny squares

I chose 7 bright bold colours all from Stylecrafts Special DK range and bordered them all in white.

Finished with a border

These actually worked up super quickly in the end and as I used a slightly too large hook size (5mm to be precise) the squares ended up very neat and flat so thankfully no blocking of individual squares was needed!

Stacked and ready for joining

After weaving in all those pesky ends nice and securely I laid out my squares to check what order looked best and began the joining process.

Layout planning

I used the good ol’ whip stitch to join my squares but only in the back loops. I like the pattern this creates on the front (which you can see in the second photo below).

All joined and ready for a border
Blanket front joined with a whip stitch

I pondered for quite and while about what border to give this blanket. My first thought was a round of sc in each colour but I didn’t want to detract from the bold squares so white it had to be.

Border finished and blanket done

After a round of granny stripes in white I still wasn’t quite happy so I added a simple picot.

Picot edging

Despite my poor photos and wonky placement of the blanket it is a perfect square and perfectly flat…. No blocking needed. Winner! 

This blanket is so bold and bright it makes me happy just looking at it.

A rainbow view

And finally just because I don’t think you’ve seen enough, here is one last photo of it 😉 

The finished blanket

B x


2 thoughts on “Rainbows everywhere

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 that’s why I like this one so much as you just do a little bit when you can and still feel satisfaction at finishing each square x

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