No longer a novice

I’ve been at it again! 
I should start by saying our home is a work in progress so we are still decorating and getting furniture bit by bit. The bedroom however was pretty much finished however we had a cheap IKEA chest of drawers in there that was neither attractive nor much use, what I really wanted was a proper dressing table, made with solid wood and a couple of drawers.

As luck would have it a table popped up on a selling page the other week for a bargain price so I snapped it up quickly 🙂 

Here is what it looked like… 

solid wood table
I’m pretty sure it was being used as more of a side board type table but it had space underneath for a stool and was just a smidge bigger than my chest of drawers so I saw potential. Even that crazy bright red colour wasn’t going to put me off! 
You know what I did next right? Yep,cracked out the Annie Sloan chalk paint! It would be rude not to really.
Annie Sloan paint

After giving the whole piece a good wash and dry I sanded a couple of the corners that were rough and then got set to slather on coat one. 
Starting coat 1
Now I was very much prepared for this to take more paint than my previous Annie Sloan jobs as I was covering bright red with Original (which is like an off white) however this was some stubborn paint and did take a lot of work to cover, the red vanished quickly but I was left with more of a pink hue coming through.
After coat 1

It took about 30 mins for this coat to be dry as I was working in the kitchen with the doors wide open, so I popped on coat 2.

After coat 2

Coat 2 also dried quite quickly so on went coat 3 and 4, I left a much bigger gap between coat 3 and 4 to make sure it was really really dry so the pink wouldn’t show through. I also only added coat 4 to the top and drawer fronts as the legs and sides were fine.

After coat 4

While this was drying for 24 hours I decided to also paint up a stool we picked up cheap from IKEA that would be the seat to go with this dresser.

After coat 1
After coat 2

The next day both were fully dry and the waxing could commence! 

Wax on, Wax off

I used Annie Sloan clear wax and put 1 coat all over and then an extra coat on areas getting a lot of use like the top of the dresser. I allowed it to harden
for 24 hours between these coats too.

All painted and waxed

Next up was the finishing touches….handles! I spent ages umming and ahhing about what to go for and in the end settled on some that were simple and old, I had wanted cast iron ring pulls but couldn’t find any I liked so in the end I went for some brass knobs.

Here it is all finished…

Finished Dresser
I just need to whip up a simple cushion for the stool and then it is completely finished 🙂 

I really do enjoy using the Annie Sloan chalk paints, they make up cycle projects so quick and easy, even the tiny human was helping me to paint this (coat one only, I’m too much of a control freak for her haphazard strokes on any final layers! Haha).

Now, what’s next? 

P.s. You may remember I previously did my kitchen table in Annie Sloan Graphite, well it gets A LOT of use and was looking a little tired so I gave it a quick coat on the top only from the leftover tin, waited 24 hours and re-waxed and it looks brand new again. 

kitchen table drying after its refresher coat

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