Amigarumi Heaven

The end of 2015 and even into the beginning of 2016 it was all about the mermaid tail blankets so I was surrounded by thick chunky yarn and a huge 12mm hook.

Now however I have very firmly been sat in amigarumi heaven so I’ve cracked out the 2.5mm hook and the thin cotton.

I’ve lost count of all the unicorns I’ve made so far this year but I’m having an absolutely great time making them! So many colour combo’s and the difference a pastel rainbow or bold rainbow mane can make is rather snazzy ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

A blessing of Unicorn

It’s not been all unicorns however. I have also managed to squeeze in a dog, some koalas and a monkey! 

Amigarumi dog

Amigarumi monkey

Some of my fellow crocheters may recognise the monkey as a fabulous All About Ami pattern. It was such good fun to make and I love that the tail/arms are all posable. 

I loved him so much I even made a little video….

I’m taking a little break for the next week or two (I like to pretend it’s a summer holiday!) to work on the new range I will be releasing for *warning! Scary word coming up* Christmas which is both exciting and terrifying that we are this far through the year and then I will be back probably making more fabulously magical unicorns ๐Ÿฆ„

B x


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